Transport logistics



Is what distinguishes us

We provide a specialized service with thirty years of experience and a quality that stands out from the competition at a competitive price. We are chosen by the speed in the various stages of the business, the punctuality in delivery of goods or services and the immediate availability in the reserve of space.

Inland Service

In Extra Transport we have developed strategic alliances with the main terrestrial service providers (FTL / LCL) domestic and international, which allows us to select the best route, transit times and tariff for your shipments. Electronic status reports or status of the real-time shipment of your goods and deliver acknowledgment of receipt of your cargo at the place of delivery requested.

Ocean service

As international shippers we are flexible in the selection of different shipping lines to guarantee the optimum service according to the times of transit, routes, better freights, as well as adequate equipment.

Air Service

Our relationship with the different airlines and the volume of operations we handle allows us to offer the best rates in the market and guarantee the boarding space.

Special services

We are experts
Extra Transport has developed a project area since there are traffics that, due to its complexity, requires specialized planning, organization and execution.

These projects require expert management, the management of the same is carried out by highly trained personnel. We offer a complete package of solutions for national and international projects, including operations of cranes and barges, land transport, warehousing, storage and distribution of services, shipping and freight, as well as customs clearance and other services such as:
  • Feasibility studies for special road transport.
  • Packaging and storage.
  • Export Procedures.
  • Personal supervision en route or on sites.
EXTRA TRANSPORTE SA DE CV - Plan de seguro para mercancía

Door to door insurance

In Extra Transport we are aware of the importance of the merchandise and its safety on the way to its destination due to the various risks that the merchandise can run during the journey; Our specialized transport insurance can cover even the door-to-door service, which offers our clients the partial or total recovery of their investment in an agile and simple way at a reasonable cost.